Municipal Engineering
Apr 28, 2021
Municipal projects are various buildings that are set up within the planning and construction scope of urban areas and towns to provide residents with public products and services based on government responsibilities and obligations. The construction of various public infrastructure supporting urban life belongs to the category of municipal engineering, such as common urban roads, bridges, subways, underground pipelines, tunnels, rivers, rail transit, sewage treatment, garbage treatment and disposal, and other projects that are closely related to life. Various related pipelines: rainwater, sewage, water supply, reclaimed water, telecommunications, heating power, gas, etc., as well as the construction of squares, urban greening, etc., all belong to the category of municipal engineering.

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How to choose pipe and fitting products suitable for municipal engineering:
For municipal engineering construction, we recommend choosing large-diameter pipe fittings. We can also assist in engineering installation guidance and product after-sales treatment. If you still have questions about which products to choose, please call or email us, It’s our glad to recommend the most suitable product for you.
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