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Apr 28, 2021
In the process of home decoration, the pipeline is a vital part. If the pipeline has hidden dangers, it will affect the whole body. PPR pipe fittings are relatively perfect water pipes at present. They are non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and are seamlessly connected by hot melt. PPR pipe and fittings can be used for cold and hot water pipes or buried in secret. The high-quality PPR pipe fittings produced by REHOME have good wear resistance and stability, and have been proved to be more excellent than other thermoplastic pipes. Experiments show that PPR pipe fittings have high temperature resistance, the maximum continuous working temperature is up to 70 degrees Celsius, and the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 degrees Celsius.
In order to ensure the safety of drinking water for customers, REHOME also pays attention to the research and development of new products. It produces Anti bacterial pipe, double-layer antibacterial pipes, and multi-layer antibacterial pipes that meet the German DIN standard, using Borealis raw materials.
Product Features:
(1) Non-toxic: No heavy metal additives, will not be covered by dirt or be contaminated by bacteria.
(2) Corrosion resistance: resistance to chemical substances and electronic chemical corrosion.
(3) Low installation cost: light weight and easy installation can reduce installation cost.
(4) High flow rate: smooth inner wall, small pressure loss and large volume.
(5) Longevity: more than 50 years of correct use.

REHOME provides professional project guidance and suggestions, any questions will be answered for you.

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