REHOME Water Supply Plastic Pipe HDPE Drip Irrigation Pipe
REHOME Water Supply Plastic Pipe HDPE Drip Irrigation Pipe
Aug 11, 2021

Irrigation pipes are widely used in urban and rural indoor and outdoor water supply system, rural water improvement,

farmland irrigation, brine transmission pipelines in Salinization industry, water transmission in aquaculture, mine ventilation,

water supply and drainage, landscaping sprinkler irrigation and other projects.

Application of Drip irrigation pipe:

1. It is used for planting crops in greenhouses and greenhouses to reduce diseases and pests, save chemical fertilizers

and pesticides and improve economic benefits.

2. For orchard irrigation, it can effectively improve yield, improve fruit quality and effectively control weed growth.

3. It is suitable for cotton, Chinese herbal medicine, watermelon, field vegetables and other field crops to improve the

intensity of mechanized planting.

4. The drip irrigation belt can be bent and laid around the ridge, which is convenient to operate.

Characteristics of agricultural HDPE irrigation pipe:

1. Reliable connection: the pipeline systems are connected by electrothermal fusion, and the strength of the joint

is higher than that of the pipeline body.

2. Good impact resistance at low temperature: during construction in winter, due to the good impact resistance of materials,

pipe embrittlement will not occur.

3. Good stress cracking resistance: it has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, and its

environmental stress cracking resistance is also very outstanding.

4. Good chemical corrosion resistance: the pipeline can resist the corrosion of a variety of chemical media, and the chemicals

in the soil will not cause any degradation to the pipeline.

5. Aging resistance and long service life.

6. Good wear resistance: the comparison test of wear resistance between pipeline and steel pipe shows that the wear resistance

of pipeline is 4 times that of steel pipe.

7. Good flexibility: the flexibility of the pipeline makes it easy to bend. In engineering, it can bypass obstacles by changing the

direction of the pipeline.

8. Small water flow resistance. Easy to handle.

9. A variety of new construction methods: in addition to the traditional excavation method, a variety of new non excavation

technologies can also be used, such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, lining, pipe cracking and so on.

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