20-110mm Agriculture Irrigation System PP Compression Fittings Manufacturer
20-110mm Agriculture Irrigation System PP Compression Fittings Manufacturer
Jul 26, 2022

PP compression fittings quick connector is commonly known as: locking arm quick connector, wrench type quick connector, and ring type quick connector. It is a pipe joint that can be quickly disassembled without using tools. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high pressure resistance, interchangeability and so on. The same specification and different shapes can form a joint body to realize nozzle or thread connection, etc.

This kind of PP Fitting is light and handy, beautiful in appearance and strong in corrosion resistance. The eccentric principle is applied in the structure to realize automatic locking, which is safe, reliable and easy to operate. It is suitable for various conditions and connection needs. It is widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, mining, coal, petroleum, shipbuilding, machine tools, chemical equipment and various agricultural machinery. When this product is connected with the thread, the thread part should be added with encryption seals; When connecting with the hose, it should be clamped with a hose clamp to ensure the tightness of the connection.

What are the precautions for the installation of PP compression fittings?

1. Before installation, it is necessary to clean up the impurities around the water pipe to prevent residual impurities. When using it, gently twist it and remember to use too much force.

2. Many people are worried about the problem of water leakage in PP quick connector. In fact, as long as it is installed properly and the water pressure is not particularly high, it is not easy to have the problem of water seepage.

3. PP quick connector fitting is easy to install and replace, and its service life is relatively long, which can reach 20 years.

These fittings allow for a quick, simple insertion of the tube, considerably reducing installation time: simply loosen the nut (without removing it), and insert the pipe.

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