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Shanghai Ruihe Enterprise Group Co., Ltd’s Participation in the 11th Kashgar Fair

On June 26th, 2015, the 11th Kashgar Central & South Asia Commodity Fair, Xinjinag, China(hereinafter referred to as the "Kashgar Fair") opened in the city of Kashi, Xinjiang, which is the important nodes in the Silk Road Economic Zone. The Kashgar Fair attracted 44 delegations from 6 countries. Shanghai Ruihe Enterprise Group Co., Ltd participated in the fair as a high-tech pipeline manufacturers, showing a wide variety of new pipeline system.

It is understood that the Kashgar Fair covered a area of 35,000 square meters, the Fair focused on the strategy of one zone and one way with the guiding ideology of holding a new and normal characteristic Kashgar Fair of a new session. The Kashgar Fair was organized by Kashgar administrative offices and the autonomous district Department of Commerce with the theme of  hand in hand to create the Silk Road new brilliance, which aimed at strengthening the cooperation between the East and West, promoting the central & South Asian economic interaction, expanding foreign trade and promoting international trade exchanges and cooperation. The Kashgar Fair  endeavours to recommend and promote the new technology, new energy, new materials and financial, tourism, trade and other new projects in the central and South Asia.

From 2005 to now, the Kashgar Fair has been successfully held for 10 session. During the 10th Kashgar Fair, 223 economic and trade cooperation projects has been signed in the Kashi area with a total of 50540000000 RMB.



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